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groups / dev-python

Name Description
python3-cairo python3 bindings for the cairo graphics library
python3-coverage A tool for measuring code coverage of Python programs
python3-cython C-Extensions for Python3
python3-dbus python33 bindings for DBUS
python3-dbusmock Mock D-Bus objects for tests
python3-distro Linux OS platform information API
python3-flake8 The modular source code checker: pep8, pyflakes and co
python3-acme ACME protocol implementation in python3
python3-augeas Python bindings for Augeas
python3-sphinx_rtd_theme python3 Sphinx Read The Docs Theme
python3-argon2-cffi-bindings Low-level CFFI bindings for Argon2
python3-asgiref Reference ASGI adapters and channel layers
python3-cffi Foreign Function Interface for python3 calling C code
python3-django A high-level python3 Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean design
python3-psycopg2 A PostgreSQL database adapter for the python3 programming language.
python3-sqlparse Non-validating SQL parser for Python
python3-tblib python3 traceback fiddling library
python3-yaml Python bindings for YAML, using fast libYAML library
python3-argon2_cffi CFFI-based Argon2 Bindings for Python
python3-flit Simplified packaging of Python modules
python3-flit-core Simplified packaging of Python modules (core backend)
python3-aiofiles File support for asyncio
python3-aiohttp HTTP client/server for asyncio
python3-aiohttp-cors CORS support for aiohttp